Nitraspray Nitrogen systems are on-site nitrogen gas generators custom-built to provide a continuous, reliable supply of Nitrogen assist gas for spray painting. Nitraspray compressed nitrogen gas is inert, non-reactive, completely dry and clean – making it the ultimate paint delivery system for high-quality spray painting.

Normal compressed air carries many different gas molecules, moisture and other impurities travelling at different speeds. This results in over-spray, fish-eyes and orange peel as well as uneven distribution of paint particles. The Nitrogen produced by Nitraspray nitrogen generators is pure, clean and dry meaning the molecules travel at uniform speeds and distribute themselves more evenly, providing a neater more consistent spray.



Compressed air has been the transport medium for spray painting since the inception of the technique. However, air has some disadvantages in that it often contains particulate matter, traces of oil and, most importantly, moisture. These three factors affect the quality of the paint finish and result in commonly occurring blemishes such as ‘fish eyes’ and pinholes. While most panel-beating shops have sophisticated filtration systems in their air-lines, the level of purity these filters achieve comes nowhere close to the cleanliness and purity of compressed nitrogen. The Nitraspray effectively filters output down to 0.01 µm, maintaining a consistent level of purity throughout. The use of nitrogen reduces flash time and decreases bake time as well as improving transfer efficiency and reducing paint consumption.



The Nitraspray nitrogen generator is connected onto your compressed air line between your spray booth and your compressor. The Nitraspray converts the compressed air into clean dry nitrogen gas. Using polymer membrane technology to separate the nitrogen gas from compressed air, the filtration process does not require any electricity and is therefore very reliable. In addition, the nitrogen generator does not need to be refilled – generating nitrogen gas on demand as required.


Better quality finishes

The use of the Nitraspray system reduces overspray and helps effectively remove orange peel and fish-eyes caused by dirty or wet air. The use of nitrogen gas specifically designed for professional spray painting offers overall quality improvement with fewer runs and sags – as well as consistently achieving excellent gloss levels – even when the ambient temperature is high.

Nitrogen Elements

What is Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic gas. It makes up approximately 78% of our atmosphere and is therefore essentially the air we breath, minus the oxygen, water vapour and a number of other smaller trace gasses. By removing the oxygen and moisture, the possibility for oxidation, perishing or ageing is also removed.

Nitraspray fire

Did you know?

Nitrogen is an inert, chemically inactive, dead gas. It cannot burn or explode, and is also completely dry. In fact, nitrogen is used in most fire extinguishers. As a laser-cutting assist gas, it helps in the processing of steel and other metals; while in spray painting, its use gives unmatched paint finishes. Used in food packaging, it prevents aging or perishing and extends shelf-life.

Tyre Inflator Nitralife

Other Nitrogen uses

The use of Nitrogen has benefits that extend across a wide variety of applications and industries.

• Passenger vehicle tyre inflation at tyre dealers
• Passenger vehicle tyre inflation at fuel stations
• Commercial transport and Mining tyre inflation
• Laser cutting & plasma cutting
• Food modified atmosphere packaging
• Chemical blanketing